Those Darn Lids! How to remove an impossible lid on your HEX jar...

Those Darn Lids! How to remove an impossible lid on your HEX jar...

You are hungry, you want kraut on your sandwich but you cannot get the lid off. You summon your powerlifting friend, they too cannot open it. You finally go to your toolkit and reach for any tool....

Yes, we feel and know your frustration!

Here is the tried and true method for getting that darn lid off:

1. Run the lid (top and sides) under very warm water.

2. Let the jar sit for a moment on the counter after running it under very warm water.

3. Use a dry towel or HEX jar opener to remove the lid.

Still not budging, repeat steps 1 -3.

Our ferments are ALIVE and literally breathing under the lid. That's a good thing when you want the most alive and beneficial fermented vegetables on the market. Not good when you cannot open it.

The most common question we get from customers:

Q: Why won't you change your packaging?

A: We are committed to using glass over plastic containers. We had found a lid that was slightly easier to open, however last year's ice storm in Texas curtailed the production of this lid, causing us to scramble to find a lid that fit. Now with supply chain issues, the cost of the preferred lid is three times what we paid before. Packaging costs (among others) are rising and can take years to make adjustments. Some of the variables at play are: changing the label (which involves another long costly list of variables), notifying every retail partner of the new packaging and hoping it will continue to fit on their shelf, hoping the packaging distributor can be a reliable source, and re-training our staff how to pack into the new container.

We do not want you to struggle! Send us an email with an address to mail you a free HEX Jar Opener:

Thank you for your understanding!