Believe in Baltimore - Fomenting Change

Believe in Baltimore - Fomenting Change

We are excited to be on a new podcast created by Reverends Tom Harris and Billy Kluttz of Govans Presbyterian Church, Believe in Baltimore (more below!) We talked about why/how we started HEX Ferments, why we believe in Baltimore and what's in store for HEX (hint: it's about our new space!). Tom and Billy have put together a really great show that we are so proud to be a part of. Please listen to the entire listing of current podcasts and subscribe! Thank you to Jinji of Pure Chocolate by Jinji, who recommended us to be interviewed next. 

Believe in Baltimore is a podcast conversation with community leaders and change-makers in Baltimore, Maryland, hosted by Govans Presbyterian Church. In each episode, we welcome a local leader to share about their work in Charm City, as well as their hopes and dreams for our community. Govans Presbyterian Church is a theologically progressive community empowering people to make the world better. Learn more about Govans and how you can get involved at

We discuss sauerkraut and social change with Meaghan (she/her) and Shane (he/him) of HEX Ferments in Baltimore, Maryland. HEX Ferments uses the traditional method of fermentation to preserve and transform local, organic produce into nourishing foods. You can learn more about their work at We also read and discuss the story of Emmaus from Luke 24: 13-35. Listen to Pastor Tom's sermon on this story here:

This week's co-hosts are Revs. Tom Harris (he/him) and Billy Kluttz (he/him).

Photo by Jacqueline Schlossman