HEX Ferments uses the traditional method of fermentation to preserve and transform local, organic, and scrupulously-sourced ingredients into nourishing foods – presently: unique sauerkrauts, kimchi, seasonal ferments, and kombucha tea. Fermented foods are in every culture and for thousands of years have been an effective way to preserve the harvest and make food more digestible while detoxifying and enhancing nutrients. The effect of fermentation transforms foods to make flavors more complex, while adding naturally occurring probiotics to your diet.

HEX Ferments transforms local ingredients into sauerkrauts, kimchi, seasonal ferments, and kombucha teas

HEX Ferments are Maryland-based food alchemists, dedicated to sourcing from local and organic farmers using regenerative farming practices. We believe in creating partnerships with these providers of sustenance to create unique ferments that support our individual health as well as the health of our local foodshed.

HEX Ferments employs a traditional process - we do not use heat or white vinegar - so that our unpasteurized creations are teeming with beneficial bacteria, healthy acids and enzymes. We balance old world quality and flavor with modern interpretations, and choose optimal, nourishing ingredients.

We don't ferment or package in plastic.  Acidified foods that undergo complicated chemical reactions (fermentation) leach chemicals and cause adverse health effects, especially in early development.  Food-Grade doesn't mean food-safe, especially with exposure to acid over long periods of time - often many months with fermented foods.

Adding fermented foods into your diet is easy: enjoy them with proteins, on salads and sandwiches, with your morning eggs, or straight from the jar. We know that once you incorporate fermented foods into your diet, you’ll be hungry for more (and so will your mind and body).

We are a certified B-Corporation®, use 100% renewable energy, and strive to be conscientious in all of our decisions.  Our kombucha bottle exchange program has kept tens of thousands of pounds of glass out of the manufacturing, waste, and recycling streams. While making healthy and delicious creations, we do so with sustainable, environmentally sound systems in mind.

The name comes from Hexology folklore that uses signs and symbols to protect relationships, secure harvests, and ward off the unwelcome. Similarly, fermented foods protect, support and shield our immune system, digestion, and overall well-being. The process is one of microbial magic, interpretation, and intuition.

Feed your microbiome, and GO WITH YOUR GUT!


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