rinse I can’t get the lid off.  Try running it under warm water. Because our creations are alive, sometimes they create pressure in the jar.
cold Do I need to keep this refrigerated?  Yes. Cool temperatures stall the fermentation process, while keeping it alive. That said, they are quite tolerant to temperature changes.  Just don’t leave them out on the counter uncovered for extended periods of time. Push the vegetables down in the brine with a clean fork to preserve the flavor.
bulge The lid is bulging, is it safe to eat?  Yes. Bubbles of carbon dioxide are a natural byproduct of fermentation. It’s an indication of its “aliveness.” 
cook Can I cook with your ferments?  Sure, they are a wonderful flavor complement to many dishes. However, by heating you will be eliminating the probiotic, living aspect of this food.  In which case, just add an uncooked ferment on the side!
find Where else can I find you?  Please see our map. In addition to many varieties of vegetable ferments, we also have kombucha (a sweet and tart fermented beverage), do-it-yourself crocks and starters, books and magazines on eating, fermentation, flavor and healthy foodsheds.
how much How much should I eat/drink? Start small, ferments are living foods teeming with probiotics. Try some on a salad, topped on avocado toast, with roasted or grilled chicken, fish or tofu (to name a few) or on a slice of pizza! Try a little with everything you eat and before long you will have countless kraut and food combos. Start with 4-6 ounces of kombucha tea - anytime of day, preferably on an empty stomach.
compare Is one more healthy than the other? All of our fermented creations are rich in probiotics and made from locally sourced and organic produce. All are good for you and made with care and by hand in Baltimore, MD.
teach Do you teach classes? We love to teach others! Our classes are seasonally offered. Look to social media and our website for upcoming dates. 
staging Staging We enjoy guests and have learned a lot from staging ourselves. However, at this time our space is too small to support extra people besides our staff.
dig Do you bury your kimchi? Sometimes...but we can’t sell that version!
gassy Will it cause me to have gas? Maybe! Just take your time incorporating them into your daily diet. If you also take a probiotic supplement you might find that you have too much in your system. 
salt I’m not supposed to eat salt. Lets quickly define SALT. Table salt is usually highly-processed and contains one mineral, sodium chloride. Sea Salt (the salt we use) is packed with 32 minerals that are needed by our bodies to function properly. Most folks who are told to avoid salt should avoid highly-processed table salt. Enjoy our ferments in place of adding salt!