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We were delighted to host our friend and mentor, author of The Art of Fermentation, Sandor Katz, author of The Art of Fermentation and Wild Fermentation (among others!) brought the fermentation revival to Baltimore. We partnered with Whitelock Community Farm, to raise funds for their efforts while spreading the word about what we do at HEX.  Our friends WYRD KITCHN and Taharka Brothers Ice Cream, alongside our incredible team at HEX, helped bring the events together with tasty, ferment-inspired treats.

It's together with places like Whitelock Community Farm, in this - The Greatest City in America - that we are helping to rebuild foodsheds, build community, enhance our knowledge of place, and support our local economies while making food. There are many wonderful farms - and many other projects, doing this good work including: Great Kids Farm (that works with the Baltimore City Public Schools), The Baltimore Farm Alliance, Two Boots, Moon Valley, and all of the businesses, restaurants, and people who support the many farms and farmers who share in this endeavor.

HEX Ferments sprung from a diversity of interests - art, self-reliance, the growing and knowledge of food, nutrition, urban homesteading, science, large complex biological systems, and the notion of transcendent cause.  For us it became at once, both powerful and mysterious, working with unseen forces to preserve and enhance the food we loved to eat. Increasingly, we found our home filled with crocks and jars and vessels a-bubbling, realizing we were surrounding ourselves in a blanket of fermentation fervor and interconnectivity.  We were hungry for more, and we embarked on a journey of knowledge-gathering.  We had learned of an enigmatic fermentation wizard who lived in the hills of Tennessee, and had written a zine on “Wild Fermentation” - Sandor Katz. 

The opportunity to study with Sandor helped contextualize the vastness for us, while using the Practice of Fermentation as a planet by which we could view the expansive universe of interconnectivity. His practice springs from years of humble dedication, and in his teachings, he seeks to simplify and make accessible, the microbial transformation of food, within multiple layers of cultural context. He is wonderful at tying together seemingly disparate elements and concepts, and is one of those true artists and teachers who deserves all of the accolades afforded to him as he travels the world (New York Times Bestseller, awards from the James Beard Foundation, the Southern Foodways Alliance, etc).  For a couple of days, we all became students in the Fermentation Revival by welcoming Sandor for two days of sold out events!
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