Jost Franko:  Pulitzer Center

Hands photo by Jost Franko

We are entwined with agriculture and the enslaved labor that first made it possible.  With the industrialization of cotton and subsequent crops, exploited people have been growing our food for many many years.  Much of what we do at HEX and the choices we make are in direct response to the ever-increasingly industrialized food system and injustices therein. This podcast from Scene on Radio expertly describes how we got here, with all of the disturbing parallels that persist today.  If you eat food and wear clothing this is a must listen:


Scene on Radio: The Cotton Empire  

Scene on Radio has a related series titled "Seeing White" that is also a terrific resource on "whiteness" and unending racial inequity.  


Related Resources

Farm Alliance of Baltimore:  expanding communities' self-determination and power with respect to land, water and food.  They are administering a Black Urban Farmer Fund to conference and workshop scholarships.  Email to specify your donation to the fund.

Black Food Justice: helps to build power in Black food systems and land stewardship.

Black Yield Institute: Pan-African institution addressing food apartheid.  

Black Church Food Security Network:  builds food sovereignty within black churches and communities.

Empower Project:  Empowering communities toward self-sufficiency by engaging residents in the production of affordable, organic food.

Backyard Basecamp:  Inspiring Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color (BIPOC) across Baltimore City to find nature where they are and empowering them to explore further.

Please consider donating resources in the form of money, time, and awareness.

Mega List of Anti-Racism Resources for White People