The Greenhorns

The Greenhorns

We first encountered The Greenhorns and their advocacy while spending time in Tennessee with Sandor Katz about 5 years ago.  Since then, their work has evolved to include a variety of forms of media, which all align with their mission:  

Greenhorns is a grassroots organization that works to support new farmers in America. Our work is unconventional and various, we focus on event organizing, in person-networking, mixers, celebrations and workshops as well as the production of traditional and new media: radio, documentary film, blog, a book of essays, guidebooks, web-based tools. Our goal over the next generation is to retrofit the food system and to build a thriving agricultural economy, for healthy regions, healthy watersheds, and a healthy farm culture. We believe our movement can succeed with strong communication, solid business skills, sustainable farm practices and importantly, teamwork. We hope you will join the network.

Some of our favorites:

Greenhorns Radio:  Wonderfully diverse information, cloaked in a web of lo-fi audio and background noise, presented while host Severine wanders along with mobile phone. You can also subscribe to the podcast here and here. Great to listen to, feel connected, and get inspired while making deliveries!

Greenhorns Blog:  A great resource of media and information for farmers, producers, and stewards alike!