Seasonal Veggie


$ 9.00

Our seasonal offerings rotate between unique Sauerkrauts, Kimchis, Pickles, Collaborations with Farms, Experiments, Inspirations, and more!  

Currently (January 2021):

Black Radish Kraut (16 oz jar)

Black Spanish Radishes*, Green Cabbage*, Sweet Peppers*, Sea Salt.

We make this ferment once a year, when all the vegetable planets come into alignment and the bacteria Gods smile upon us we are rewarded with this incredibly earthy, olfactory intoxicating, additive kraut. Psst! Did you know that Black Radishes are the OG radish?!? 


Spicy or Non-Spicy Preserved Lemons (8oz jar) 

Lemons*, (Local Red Pepper, Cardamom* in spicy version) and Sea Salt. *Organic Ingredients

Flavor Profile: Organic lemons preserved in salt and hot pepper, we use these in roast chicken and olives, chopped up fine and added to tartines, rice, salad dressings, and  banana bread. Also great in hot and cold beverages!


Upcoming:  Savory Daikon Chips, Phoenix Kraut-chi

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